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alterations produced on the circulation by venesection or transfusion are of

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gitis influenza jineumonia diarrhea and dysentery typhoid and paratyphoid

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In the old agi eement a practitioner desiring to with

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it is clear that improvement does not follow quickly upon medical treat

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particularly struck with the exceedingly vague and indefinite views which

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of the body. A consultation was called but a positive

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Hospital for Foundlings from the board of charities

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cleansing and treatment. Bullet wounds slionld also have thoir

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with this the eyes of Polyodon are small. This lack of visual

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Much difference of opinion exists as to what this substance really

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within its envelope. In such a cell the large faint

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prove a drawing card in the hebdomadal meetings of this

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mended for the more shjwly progressive forms luU clinical ex gt erieuee

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and pepsin medication hexamathylenamine in doses of

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phenomena indicating the existence of local inflammation. His treatment

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life and take his place properly as a member of s.

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entirely to the teaching of cliuical subjectrs great attention

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from the functional cajjillaries and generates a toxin

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king and court. Whether Rahere wished to be in the fashion

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days or a week if necessary. These medicines are best given in cold

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his coohes begin measures with a sanitary clean up inside the

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While Dr. Koch s views were greeted with profound respect it

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before death. Lacrymation and salivation also occur among the

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quite a lot of valuable ones formaldehyde peroxide of hydrogen

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found to be perfect their capsules being intact and apparently not affected

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good word for the book it will be a help and an encouragement.

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were made to blood agar slants. In every case but one growth

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The President said Your chairman feels somewhat diffi

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an pulmonary congestion and venous obstruction from mitral disease.

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commonly results in severe cases. In Henoch s purpura Henoch himself

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iwtKK Umw tufSpoKi f Joan. 21 9 sed neutro loco memoratur f tvXoyia.

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lost. This case therefore is probably not due to a primary lack of

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view the combination of symptoms known as catalepsy it is

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the more severe toxic forms of the disease. When the patient im

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days gave no reaction. Shut up in a cage the bitch appeared greatly

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the uterus. The fourth mother died from eclampsia in the ambulance

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siderable duration situated in the flank on one side reflected downwards

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adult life though according to Lccorche and others

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because this degeneration seemed unimportant and amyotrophy was not

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